BI/BA Solutions

Offering comprehensive support from consultation and system development, to operation and maintenance services

As a foundation of corporate information systems, business intelligence (BI) solutions bring together the data dispersed over several business systems to realize on-site and management visualization that supports speedy and strategic decision-making. We provide a one-stop business solution service that covers everything from consultancy and conceptual planning, to design, development, operation and maintenance.

Offering comprehensive support from consultation and system development, to operation and maintenance services


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Conceptual planning, support and building information systems
Our consultants help you select the best business solutions to match your system environment and needs, and assist you with conceptual planning for your information system configuration.

Prototyping support
Before finalizing actual deployment, we provide crucial information, suggest practical information systems in line with your requirements, and assist with the creation of prototypes.

Assistance setting up a data warehouse
Our professional consultants specializing in data warehousing solve issues often faced by businesses, such as how to combine data scattered throughout the company, how to construct an optimized data warehouse, how to get an expert professional to construct a data warehouse, or how to improve the usability and performance of an existing data warehouse so employees will use it proactively.

System development

Data cleansing service/data warehouse creation
We create data warehouses by collecting and merging data from different systems and stored in various formats due to OS and DBMS differences. We use ETL tools to combine/modify and cleanse data to build systems quickly and efficiently, and provide tools and systems to suit your budget or the scale of your system.

Analytical/report delivery system creation services
With our expertise and proven track record, we introduce you to the right OLAP tools/reporting tools, and provide infrastructure for effective reporting tailored to your budget or the amount of data you have, to help you meet various considerations. Examples would be, you want to use data stored in the data warehouse for reporting, or you realize the excellence of OLAP tool functions but donft need many of the functions and cannot justify the cost, or you don't really know what kind of reports to create to aid in effective decision-making for your company.

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